Friday, 26 December 2014

Build an Online Community in Your Community ......

The days of knowing everyone in your neighborhood, patronizing local businesses and participating local events seem to be slowly melting away, due to the rapid growth of technology.

Everyone now has the instant ability to shop anywhere in the world, talk to complete strangers in another country and be entertained by national  Facebook or YouTube videos.
These conveniences are delightful, but have we forgotten about our local communities and the importance of them?
 It's only in your local community that you can share stories about similar people, places and events that are unique to that community. It's the people in your community who will understand and relate with you best. The businesses of your community can give you the personalized service that makes purchasing all the better. And by having a friendly relationship with your neighbors you can create a mutually beneficial partnership that allows for magnificent bartering opportunities.
Building a community online is one way of using the Internet to rebuild your local community, but how can you do it effectively? Here are a few tips:
1. Involve everyone - A community is just that, a community. In order to have an active and thriving online community you'll need to make it available to everyone. Residents, local business and other organizations should have good reason to visit your online community regularly. You'll need to create content that keeps them interested and coming back, which leads to the second tip...
2. Encourage Participation - Don't just have a website where people come to see what your thoughts are for the day or read local news, allow them to contribute stories, videos and other content. This will make your online community interactive for residents. Plus people love to share their own accomplishments with family & friends. The more you can get visitors to contribute, the more views you'll have on your website.
3. Keep it exciting - Creativity goes a long way. Never let your site conform to the norm. Keep your visitors on their toes trying to figure out what you're planning next. You can have special events, promotions and campaigns to build fresh excitement amongst your visitors.
4. Stay focused on community - It's easy sometimes to get trapped behind a computer and forget the main reason you started your online community, don't let this happen. Get out in the community, visit events, businesses and listen to the people. By remaining present within your local community, your online community will be a success.
Worldwide connection using the Internet is great. Building an online community in your community can be a gratifying and profitable experience. As your online community grows you'll set a new foundation for your local community to remain connected with.


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