Friday, 21 November 2014

Do you about Hidden Features of Google !! read

Hidden Features of Google Search
Google is used by billions of people every day to find a variety of information on the Internet. However, how many of us really use all the Google features to the full? It is easy to learn little things to help you find the desirable results faster and more precisely.
Google is extremely good at finding the information you need, but with more specific search phrases you can get much better results. Using operators such as quotations marks - "like that" - or enclosing search phrases or using a minus, which will, exclude the keyword from your search, for example (bread recipe - flour). By using 'OR', you will prompt Google to give you a choice, e.g. Football Cup 2012 or 2014.
Google gives you the choice to restrict your search to a single site. For example, if you are looking for Editorial Guidelines on the EzineArticles site, simply type 'editorial guidelines'.
From the time to time, we all struggle with the meaning of words and need to find an exact definition. In this case, using the operator 'define' comes in handy. Using 'Define:word' gives you the dictionary definition of the desired word with its synonyms.
Sometimes you may want to look for a similar site to one you already use, in this scenario the operator 'related' comes in handy. For example, '' gives you some of the sites for rivals of the BBC or their sister sites.
Google search is built to simplify the ability to find the right application for your Smartphone. By clicking on more>Apps at the top of result page, you will get a list of available applications. This function is particularly handy for Android users.
Find out what others are searching for in your country. Simply type '' in your browser to find the latest trends in music, TV or movies.
By skipping any search criteria and clicking on 'I'm feeling lucky' Google will take you to its selection of doodles graphically divided with logos corresponding to important dates.

With simple prompts such as 'weather', you will get the current seven-day forecast for your location. By adding the name of any city or town you want, you can get a forecast for a different location. If you ever need to know the time somewhere else on the globe, just type 'time New York' for example, to see the time at that location. For many people knowing the times of sunrise and sunset is very important, to know when sun is coming up in London, type 'sunrise London'. To check stock information promptly; use 'GOOG' to find out latest Google stock status.



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