Thursday, 8 January 2015

Some Tips which Helps to Avoid Failure Online

Online businesses can be much easier, and cheaper, to start than traditional offline businesses. However, online businesses carry the same risk of failure as traditional businesses. 

First set your goals & Keep your goals reachable and preferably something that you can surpass. Where goals can help confidence greatly when achieved or surpassed, the opposite is true if you set goals too unattainable and fail to reach them.
Lower, but more achievable goals, build confidence by making one feel achievement. You can sit back and see the results and see that you have achieved what you set out to do.
On the flip side, if a goal is unreachable, regardless of how it looks on paper or how "close" you may come, you feel a bit of rejection. You feel like you just could not make it. And, especially if coupled with another missed goal, it makes you more susceptible to feeling like you failed and therefore giving up on the idea altogether.
Think of it, in a sense, like Wall Street. What happens if a company releases it's financials, and they are lower than their projections? Or, if they come out with a downgraded (or lower) projection?  their stock goes down. However, if they surpass their projections, or release an updated, higher, projection, their stock goes up.
It is about perception. And if you can measure something, and see that you set your goal and achieved it, it can greatly increase your confidence.
This could probably be melded in with goals, as it seems like it would be inherent that you would know why you are creating an online business or presence. However, I feel that this can stand on its own, and therefore have decided to list it out here.
This question you have to ask yourself and answer honestly. You have to know why you want to create a business online. If your answer is "well, I want to be a millionaire by tomorrow" then this probably is not for you. Although possible to let you achieve financial independence and freedom, despite what internet marketing "gurus" will tell you, that will not happen overnight, within a week, and sometimes not even within a year or two. That's just the reality of it folks. It takes time to build a business, either brick and mortar or online. It takes time to build the reputation. It takes time and patience.
This may stand to reason, but I often see people trying to sell things, or working in areas that they, at best, do not love and, at worst, hate. If you do not like internet marketing, do not try and sell it. Why would you? For most of us, that is why we have turned to the online world, because we hate our current job. Why then would you just pick something that you hate? Internet marketing is not the only niche that will make you money, and in fact, is probably a niche that is saturated, and could make you less money than another niche. Find something that you love and either make a product around it, or find a product in it that you can sell. Chances are, if you love it, others do as well.
Set a realistic goal, that is obtainable, to help increase your confidence. Know why you are doing what you are doing. Be honest with yourself. And finally, do what you love to do - otherwise your online business will like any other job, and you will grow to hate it.

Bruce has been in internet marketing and most all aspects of the internet for almost seventeen years and is the owner of his own blog at. He is also an IT professional. Don't get scammed.


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