Wednesday, 5 November 2014

To Write Their Own Website Copy Reasons for Coaches?

 Reasons for Coaches to Write Their Own Website Copy

Ones we write website content that describes your services, & another thing to write sales copy that draws your prospects in and positions your programs as the obvious choice to solve their biggest challenges.

Of course, all of this takes finesse, and even if you're a talented writer, striking the right balance can be tough. And if you don't consider yourself a writer you're probably thinking this is darned near impossible.

The thing is though, it's not impossible to write your own copy, and there are plenty of reasons that you should!

One of the biggest reasons I have my clients write their own copy is because no one can capture their voice as well as they can. We want to work with people we like, and especially in a coaching relationship which can be very personal clients want to know that they jive with you. You can easily build a relationship before you ever even speak to a prospect by "talking" to them through your copy.

Now, does this mean I let my clients fly alone and expect them to write great sales copy? Well that would just be silly, instead I give them guidance and structure to write their pages and then review it with them for strategic content while maintaining their voice. Which brings me to the next point.

When you learn how to write your own sales copy you're picking up a skill that will serve you for many years to come. Not only will your web pages perform for you, but you will be able to write emails that evoke action, and even have a better understanding of how to talk about your services.

In short, you will understand how to guide someone through a buying decision and how to best position your services to fit their needs. And not in a manipulative way, it's really more about knowing which questions need to be answered and how to answer in an easy to understand way.

Hiring a copywriter is expensive, and unless you're already making decent money, you probably can't afford to keep one on hand.
Even if you hire a copywriter, it's still important that you understand the art so you know that what they are giving you is quality and can be more collaborative during the process. Plus, unless you're hiring someone full time to write all of your emails and web seminars etc. then as a business owner, you're always going to need to write copy.

The bottom line is that in order to have a successful coaching business you need to understand how to sell your services. Learning to write your own website copy is a surefire way to get a solid understanding of your target market and how to best position your services for their needs.


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