Wednesday, 11 February 2015

10 Expert Tips For A Successful Blog

The world of internet marketing and affiliate marketing, a blog is more often used to generate traffic and sales for products, either owned by the blog creator or products created by others and sold as an affiliate marketer.

1. Be unique - choose a niche or market you have an interest in, have a look around at other similar blogs and create your own in your own style. Copying others can be a dangerous game as you need to have your own identity, not duplicating others or posts, etc.
2. Give your best - do not short change your readers or followers. They will see through you and lose interest. Always provide your best material, and then some!
3. Remain focused - stay on the subject and market you are promoting. Do not diversify or wander off track as your followers will also lose interest. Provide relevant information, advice and guidance which will benefit others.
4. Encourage participation - ask your readers or followers to leave comments and get involved in your subject matter. Ask for feedback and their opinion on your posts.
5. Network - request input from other bloggers in a similar niche or a guest blog from a renowned blogger or internet marketer. Their followers can then link into your blog. Use social media to get your name out there.
6. Maximise SEO - research your keywords using a reputable analytical tool to find out the best performing and common keywords linked to your market and ensure such keywords are included in your blog posts
7. Be consistent and keep going - it is often disheartening and difficult to keep going at the beginning fo your blog creation but it takes time to build content. Consistency is the key with regular posts and quality content. Above all don't give up.
8. Collect contact details - always request the readers or visitors email address at least, if possible their first name, to use in future marketing campaigns and to make further offers. This is known as building your list.
9. Research your niche - be an expert in your field and know what you are talking about. Be open to questions and if you don't know an answer, say that. Find out and report back.
10. Get to the point - if you are writing to provide a guide give it. Don't beat about the bush and write about nothing. Answer the question, list the tips, identify the benefits and address the issues, and more.

Blog creation and writing posts can be very rewarding, especially if you learn of others' success due to your support or advice. Being inspirational and helping others gain success can result in your own success


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