Saturday, 14 February 2015

Add Writing a Blog to your Business !!

A blog can be very beneficial for your business, although there are still a lot of people who don't utilize blogs. A blog is similar to a news outlet for your business, any updates, changes, or improvements that you make can be posted on your blog and broadcast ed to your whole reader base.
Throughout this article we'll go through the benefits of having a blog and exactly how you can get started.
Many business owners might see a blog as an unnecessary addition to a business, it might not bring in much extra revenue and just wouldn't be worth the time. 
  Expand your readership - this is probably the biggest benefit you are going to get from a blog. Your readership is so important because it's a signal that shows how many people are interested in what you are offering. This will lead to an increase in sales and revenue.
Be seen as an "industry-leader" - if you post good content on your blog then people will keep coming back to read more. The more your readership expands you more you are seen as an "industry-leader" i.e. a trusted source of authority within your industry.
Google loves content - that's right, Google loves fresh content - you know, the content that you'll be posting on your blog! This means that if you're currently doing SEO then the results are only going to get better by having a blog.
Getting started is simple and can take you just a few hours, maybe not even that! If you already have a fully functioning website you could simply add a new page which will be used for your blog, we won't go into all the technical details here.

Start off by creating some content on a subject that you're knowledgeable about, make these articles "pillar articles". This means they should be in-depth and informative, the word count should be as high as you can get it! A good number to shoot for is around 2,000 words, this might seem like a lot so make sure that you properly follow the advice and guidance given above. It might help if you stick to more general topics at first so there is more information that you can cram in there.


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