Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Easy Tips For Moms Who Want To Start Blogging

 A lot of women today are wondering how to be a single mom and work. The ideal situation for any mom is to work from home. This provides them the flexibility they need in order to take care of their family and run the household. One of the best work from home jobs for moms is blogging. What is the best way to start blogging? All it takes is some easy hints and tips to get started!

Focus on What is Important
It is crucial that every mom’s blog is written on what they love. They have to be themselves and follow what they know. If they do not speak or write in their own words, it will be noticed. Blogging has a lot to do with relaxation and fun, so it is okay for someone to be their self.

Post Regularly
Posting regularly helps keep traffic flowing throughout the blog. When readers continuously check and do not see any new posts, they are going to eventually get turned off. While posting regularly is important in order to keep readers engaged, a blogger does not want this to become a chore. Blogging is meant to be entertaining!

Keep Posts Somewhat Short
Everyone knows that reading a sixteen paragraph blog post is not something people want to do. It is usually good to keep posts around a few minutes long in reading time, allowing viewers to either skim or read through at a leisurely pace.

bannerPurchase a Domain Name
It actually is important to purchase a domain name. This can usually be
 done through the hosting site and is really inexpensive. A domain name
 can run around $10/year and offers an easy name for the readers to
 remember for the future. This is vital to the brand and potential of the blog.

Privacy Settings
When purchasing a domain name, there will be an option to pay extra to
 hide the privacy information. It usually is under $10 but it is incredibly
important that any blogger does this. If they do not, the data used to sign
 up on the website will become public information, including their name,
address, etc. It is worth the extra money to ensure privacy.

Add Some Photography
When creating a blog, it looks a lot nicer when there are great visuals as
well. Readers love something pretty to look at. It is not possible to go
online and just Google pictures, so it is encouraged for bloggers to learn
 how to do some amateur photography, ensuring their pictures are their own!

Pay Attention to the Audience
Nothing will keep readers coming back then their favorite blog actually giving them content they want. If a blogger notices certain readers commenting about content or requesting certain things, they should do their best to abide by it. Also, it is important to comment back and engage with the audience as well.
Blogging is one of the most fun work from home jobs for moms. By following what they love and creating a blog of their own, any mom will find that it is the best job they can have in their life. By following the simple steps above, anyone can see how to be a single mom and work right from their living room!


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