Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Social Networking tips

Tips for Professional and Personal Social Networking

Begin networking and learning to distinguish professional contacts from personal contacts while you are in college. Students should grow both networks, but, in general, keeping them separate. I recommend using LinkedIn for professional connections and Facebook for social connections. The Internet has dozens of tips to optimize your social media profiles, but here are eight tips that I have found most relevant.


1.     Use for professional contacts, such as professors, employers, and graduate students.

2.     Choose a professional looking head shot for your profile. Appropriate selections involve a non-distracting background and a well-groomed subject (yeah, that's you).

3.     Maintain less restrictive security settings so that employers and recruiters are able to learn about you and your brand. However, keep your profile conservative since your information will have increased public visibility.

4.     Generate a summary discussing your thesis project and what you did or learned about the topic.

5.     Post writing assignments. If you completed a great paper for one of your classes, attach it to your profile or turn an assignment into multiple blog posts. Keep your posts short by subdividing a lengthy paper into articles of 400 to 700 words. If you have a video of yourself presenting the material, attach that as well.

6.     Build a profile that you will be able to convert into a resume for future job searches.

7.     Endorse and recommend connections who show genuine skills and you can expect that they will return the favor. Better yet, only connect with people who you would recommend to others to create a solid and credible network.

8.     Follow professional publications and groups in your field as well as companies to which you plan to apply for future employment.

1.     Use for personal contacts, such as relatives, classmates, and roommates.

2.     Choose a photo that reflects your personal style. But NEVER post a photo of yourself with a drink in hand.

3.     Establish strict security and privacy settings where only your friends see your updates, photos, etc.

4.     Post photos or videos when they express more than your pithy update does.

5.     Reference contacts in your post to thank them or to share something that reminded you of them.

6.     Fill out your profile and share favorite books, movies, and television shows.

7.     "Like" status updates that you enjoy.

8.     Follow companies with which you do business.

Of course, the network that we create and keep up in person far outweighs any online network. So, get out and enjoy the people around you.


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