Wednesday, 28 January 2015

4 Easy Steps to Choose a Reliable Web Host

In today's digital media world every other business, even if it is consisting of one or two employees needs a website of its own. Not only that, there are people who don't run any business, but still want a website of their own. Every website on the internet is hosted on a server, and thanks to a wealth of hosting options, setting up a website has become quite easy and affordable these days. Hosting your site on a server means that you will be making arrangements with another company or person to rent you space on a server where you will store your data so that it can be accessed online. There are thousands of companies providing this service and choosing the best hosting company that suits one's website needs can be a challenging task. By following some simple steps, you can select a suitable solution for your website that guarantees success.
Before you sign up with any company first ask yourself what your hosting needs are. The requirements of a company are always different when compared with an individual marketer. Forget about the top ten hosting providers and just ask yourself what you actually need, as without knowing your needs, you can never get the right web host for you. The questions which you should ask are:
• Do I need a short-term or a long-term hosting plan?
• Do I need Windows applications?
• Do I need any special software?
• Will the traffic volume go up in the near future?
Try to find honest answers to all these questions, as these answers will dictate which hosting company and plan you should go for.
Nothing is more important than checking the uptime record. Before you go for any web hosting provider, do a little research about the uptime record of that company. This will give you a fair idea if their servers are operational, 24/7 or not. Usually the companies that provide 99.5% uptime or more, are considered reliable but any provider below the 99% uptime guarantee is just unacceptable.
It is indeed a very important feature of any web hosting company, so never compromise on it. Don't go with a company that does not have staff working on weekends or on other public holidays. Question them or do your own research on whether the provider you are going to sign up with is providing 24/7 functional technical support or not. You can also personally test them by emailing at midnight or on weekend nights, etc. Also, check the competence level of the sales staff by asking them different technical questions; this will give you a good idea about how competent they are in fixing problems.

Though pricing should not be your primary concern, you still need to ask yourself what you are getting in return for your money. It is not necessarily true that the hosts which provide expensive services are more reliable compared to the cheaper ones, even though you often get what you pay for. Good research in this regard will help you bond with a company that offers some really awesome deals at a relatively low monthly price.


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