Saturday, 31 January 2015

How to Get More People Reading Your Blog!!

A blog without traffic is like a dusty novel laying unloved on your book shelf - not a lot of use.
Persuading people to come to your blog and read your stuff is a constant battle, but one you can't shirk away from.
So what's the best way to go about it?
Here are a few simple tips that will encourage people to read what you're writing.
The "they" in that sentence are your audience. It's vital you know what they want to know if you want to attract them to your blog. After all, if you write great articles that give advice for an issue they're facing, they'll read them.
It might seem obvious, but there are lots of bloggers out there who only write about what they like, ignoring the needs of their audience. If you're stuck for ideas just think about the conversations you've had with clients; what issues did they talk about?
People will only read your blogs if they know about them. That's where social media comes into play.
When you publish a new post tweet about it and put the link on your Facebook page. Make sure you add social sharing buttons at the end of every post to make it easy for your readers to share it and add a link to your blog to your email signature.
The more people that know about it the better.
3. Niche
Writing about your niche, and only your niche, will have the effect of making you the "go to" expert in your field.
As soon as you start to widen your subject matter into areas unrelated to your expertise, you start to dilute the power of your blog.
Stay niche and avoid the temptation to be the fountain of all knowledge.
4. Guest
Can you get a guest stint on another blog in your industry? That is a great way to widen your audience. If you write high quality, informative posts for others, their readership are more likely to visit your own blog for more words of wisdom.
5. Titles
It's often said that your title is the be all and end all of your blog. Granted, it is the thing that will arouse enough curiosity to get someone to read, but the body of your post also has to be compelling.
Titles that contain numbers are very appealing, as are those that offer to show you "how to" do something. Just make sure that what you promise in your title is fulfilled by the rest of your blog.
The more often you blog, the more people you'll attract. However, it is important to find a frequency you can cope with.
If you want to draw people in and to encourage them to keep coming back it's important your writing is authentic.
Write with personality, show them the real you and be honest.

Running a blog is a huge challenge, but if you are yourself, keep the needs of your readers in mind and write regularly, you'll enjoy a constant stream of visitors to your blog site.


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